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5 Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf

Teodora Cozma
On Sep 4th, 2020

Scarves have the unique ability to survive fashion trends and seasons. Here are some modern ideas on how to wear your scarf and define your individual style.


The 80s and 90s trends inspire the current fashion, and scarves have made a comeback as the most desired accessory. Oversized blazers, chunky knits and street styles have incorporated scarves into their designs. They can bring out your uniqueness and personality through the colours or patterns you choose on your scarf.

To create beautiful looks with your scarf, you need to know how to fold it. One of the most convenient and versatile methods to fold a scarf is the "bias" fold. This type of folding will suit most of the different ways to wear a scarf. Opt for a scarf for both fashion and functionality this season.

Learn the "Bias" Fold

Lay flat your scarf and fold 2 corners towards the centre of the scarf. Continue folding the opposite sides inwards until your scarf becomes a 5 centimetres band. Once you have your band ready, let's get creative. 

The truly fashionable are beyond fashion.

Fashion photographer Sir Cecil Beaton (1904 – 1980)

Wear a Scarf in Your Hair 

Wearing your scarf in your hair is a beautiful way to step up your styling game. You can tie your scarf in a few different ways depending on the hairstyle you prefer to wear. Here are 2 of my favourite and easy ways to polish your hairdo.

The Ballerina Bun 

Tie your hair in a ballerina bun (either high or low) to start. Get all the baby hairs sleeked or just pull a few hair strands out to frame your face. Use the bias technique to fold the scarf until you obtain a thick band. Wrap the scarf band once around your bun and secure it with a tight knot. Let the edges freefall to create an effortless Riviera look. 

Add more complexity by making a tie knot instead of a regular knot. For the ballerina bun style use silk, linen and cotton scarves. Pick classical patterns and colours for work and try some fresh prints for the weekends and holidays. 

The Mermaid Braid

Start by folding your scarf until you obtain a thick ribbon. Secure the scarf at the top of your ponytail with your hair elastic to make sure you will not lose it. Then start interweaving the scarf with your hair until you create a mermaid style braid. Use this method to obtain a fresh summer look and secure your hair away from your face. Keep the weaving looser for a beach or mermaid-inspired look or make it catwalk inspired by having a tighter weave. A tenser braid with a scarf can be appropriate for work if your dress code allows it. 

Wear a Scarf on Your Bag

Another way to wear your scarf is to tie it around your bag's handle. This way, you protect the handle from discolouration and damage and prolong the life of your handbag while making it unique. Use this opportunity to add a pop of colour to your outfit by choosing a coloured scarf or for a seamless fit, choose a scarf in a similar colour to your bag. Enjoy accessorising and polishing your outfit by changing your handbag's scarf frequently.

If your bag has a full hardware crossbody chain, tie the scarf where the chain will be resting on your shoulder. Prevent the hardware from damage due to discolouration and give you a plus of comfort by protecting the skin from the metal. Wearing your scarf tied to your chain will showcase your personality and style while being functional.

Wear a Scarf Around Your Waist

If you want to avoid using a belt, I recommend replacing it with a scarf! You can tie the scarf around your waist if it is long enough or just between the front or back belt loops. This method will tighten the waist of the trousers and add some colour and character to your clothing. For this style, avoid scarves that have fringes.

Wear a Scarf as an Arm Accessory 

Take full advantage of how versatile a scarf can be worn. Use it as a bracelet by tying it around your wrist. This style has all the beach vibes.

If you are out during the daytime, use an SPF non-oily product to avoid staining your accessories. In our Skinimalism mini-series, we have expanded on "What Is Sun Protection Factor?" with our dermatologist, so make sure you check out all the essential information.

Pair your scarf with a few leather or chain bracelets for a fashion statement. For a full effect, wrap the scarf a few times around your wrist and leave very little material hanging.

Wear a Scarf Instead of Your Hat Band

Scarves are quintessential multi-use accessories for the summers season if you choose a light fabric such as cotton or silk. Add some volume and colour to your straw hat by replacing you hatband with your scarf. Use the bias fold method to create a thick band out of your scarf and attach it to your hat's band or through the hat's loops.

For a complete guide about how to choose a straw hat this summer season, check out our ultimate guide to straw hats next. These two articles will help you achieve the Riviera look and learn how to accessorise this season.


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