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Beard Playbook: 9 Beard Myths Debunked

MD Alexandra Dorobantu
On Nov 17th, 2020

There are so many myths circulating in society about beards that are not true at all. Today we will debunk them for good! Here are nine myths that you might have heard of before.

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Our Bear Playbook mini-series knows you take your beard seriously and this final episode focuses on some of the myths you might have come across during your research. If you are growing your beard, we recommend you read the first episode of the series, where you can learn about the stages of hair growth and why everyone's beard looks and grows differently.

If you have been growing your beard for the past weeks, then it is time to consult our care and maintenance guide to understand which products you will need and learn how to establish a cleansing routine.

Growing a beard is a way of setting yourself apart from the majority of the men out there. It is a statement part of your personality, and you know that!

Myth 1: Beards Collect Dirt and Bacteria

It's not right to say that beards are full of filth or dirt, but it's not entirely untrue either. Throughout the day, beards collect bacteria, dust and tiny food crumbs, and this is why you need to clean it daily or once every two days. Use a beard shampoo and create a cleansing routine. Wash your beard regularly, apply beard oil and don't forget to comb it at least twice a day.

Follow the steps we recommend in the care and maintenance guide. As long as you keep your beard neat and clean, there won't be any skin issues.

Myth 2: Beards Need Daily Washing

It is not necessary to wash your beard every day if it isn't dirty or sweaty or with any other debris. If you have sensitive skin or hairs that break easily, cleansing it every day can damage your strands or cause skin dryness. You can take a day off if you think or notice that washing too much is damaging your beard. We have a special article to help you set up a proper cleansing routine for you beard.

Here are a few tips for how to wash your precious beard. Do not use regular shampoo as beard hairs are quite different than the rest of your body hair. Always use a beard shampoo. Follow up with a good conditioner after cleansing. Make sure to use a skin-friendly moisturiser or beard oil to keep your skin and hair hydrated. Comb your beard twice a day.

Myth 3: Beards Are Always Itchy

That is a myth, and it is not true at all. See our previous post about when, why and how itchiness and flakiness develop. Keep your hands off the face, and you won't have itchy skin. There's a difference in scratching your beard and stroking it with confidence.

A little itch is expected, in the early stages of beard growth. Itchiness is not something you have to get used to; it only happens when the skin underneath the beard is dehydrated. A beard possessor will know how important it is to moisturise his beard with high-quality beard oils and balms. The bottom line is that if you regularly hydrate your beard with good moisturising beard oils, then itchy skin will not be your problem.

Myth 4: Shaving Makes Your Beard Thicker

I am sure you heard this one! As a dermatologist, I am confident that this myth is false. Physicians, doctors, beard gurus have debunked this theory, and here's the bottom line: when you shave your beard off with a razor it will only appear to be thick. One reason is that when you shave your hair, the thin shaft is cut and the thicker portion of the hair near the skin is revealed.

The effect is hairs that look denser and darker. There is no proof that shaving off your facial hair would make it grow thicker. Shaving can make the hairs grow curlier and harder to comb and style. Most evidence suggests that abstaining from shaving, using a good quality beard oil and getting plenty of veggies full of trace minerals such as, e.g. iron, zinc, and selenium, is the best way to get a dense, healthy beard.

Myth 5: Beard Oils Make the Skin Oily 

Beard oils are an essential step in taking care of your whiskers, and they do not make your skin oily. Beard oils hydrate your skin and hairs, making them soft and easier to manage. As they are specifically formulated for bearded men, it won't clog the pores or give you breakouts. Make sure that whatever oil you are using suits your skin type. You can learn more about how to identify your skin type and the appropriate moisturisers in our Skinimalism mini-series.

Beard oils help with regenerating the natural oils (sebum) that you lose when taking showers or brushing excessively. You should use it twice a day, once in the morning after washing your beard and once before going to bed as a night-time routine.

Myth 6: Beard Oils Make the Hair Grow Thicker 

No, unfortunately, this is a myth, and you need to be aware of this fact. Beard oils are essential for keeping your skin healthy and your beard hydrated. But it will not directly affect hair growth; it will only make a suitable environment for the hair to develop appropriately. You'll be surprised with the results if you expect beard oils to help you grow a beard naturally. Here only genetics, age and healthy lifestyle can genuinely help you!

Myth 7: Beards Are Unattractive

I'm afraid that's not right; in fact, it is the opposite. Beards make men attractive for many reasons, such as that beards often mean intellect, knowledge, power and that people often equate beards with trust. 

The simple fact is that some people prefer beards while others don't. Anyway, a beard is unattractive only when it isn't properly groomed. A well-maintained beard would only improve and strengthen your look, making you more attractive and dashing.

Myth 8: Biotin Makes the Beard Grow Faster

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is very useful when you have a nutritional deficiency. Your body needs biotin when converting certain nutrients into energy. It will indeed help with hair growth, but it will not make your hair grow faster. Check out our previous post about the stages of hair growth.

Myth 9: Beards Keep You Hot in Summer

If groomed correctly, beards are a form of protection against harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants, similar to a protective shield. A well-brushed beard can create a cooling airflow that will keep you feeling comfortable and chilled.

Growing a beard is not an easy job. You have to take care of it with the right tools and techniques. Well guys, here ends our beard care mini-series! Hope you find our information useful and easy to put into practice!

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