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Christmas Guide: Gifts for Men

Teodora Cozma
On Dec 3rd, 2020

This Christmas season choose thoughtful surprises and heartfelt gifts for your loved ones. Read our ultimate list of luxurious presents for men.

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As time draws closer to celebrate the men in your life, explore our guide for some of the best presents men can receive this year. Our suggestions are based on the principles of thoughtfulness, practicality and style. This Christmas guide is a no “hit-and-miss” recipe for your gift shopping. Even though this festive season may feel different, there is no reason not to make remarkable gifts and keep spirits high.

Winter Ties

Ties will never die and gifting a season-appropriate necktie will make the men in your life very happy. There is always the Christmas themed tie which will be worn a few times, as they are only appropriate to wear at family dinners. Looking at how this year’s celebration will be, this might brighten the mood around the family dinner table.

Wool, Silk and Cotton

However, if your man is not the type to wear a Christmassy tie, then choose a more practical gift. In winter, there are many patterns and materials that would complement the attire and we suggest looking for a silk, wool or cotton tie.

The fabric for a wool tie will be thicker than your silk or cotton one and is essential to choose a tie with thin interlining and padding if you like to keep your knot tight. Wool ties have more texture and are considered more casual than silk ties. A silk tie is timeless and depending on the colour and pattern can be the detail to make the difference in an evening outfit.

Colours and Patterns

Choose a silk tie in deep colours for fashionable evening attire or a wool tie in a pin-striped pattern for day wear. If you consider buying a cotton tie, look for floral patterns on a dark background as those will brighten the outfit in the colder season.

Grooming Products

Bearded Men

Celebrate if he has decided to grow a beard during the lockdowns, or if he was already a proud beard owner, by choosing a product such as a beard oil. The benefits of using a beard oil combined with a pleasant scent will be a perfect gift. You can show that you care about his skin and hair needs by surprising them with a lovely scent.

Beard oils are great products, as they are specially designed to maintain the beard healthy and smooth long term. With a non-greasy texture, you only require a few drops for maintaining smooth facial hair and skin.

Choose a beard oil product with an English countryside scent made with essential oils such as cypress, pine, cedarwood, fir needle, Amyris. For a more romantic scent check for ingredients such as jasmine, geranium, Ylang Ylang or lavender essential oil. You can read our Beard Playbook mini-series to learn more about different products that will make great gifts for bearded men.

Traditional Men

If the men in your life are maintaining a clean shave during the holiday season, then treat them with some high-quality products that will aid their grooming routine. Choose a natural and organic aftershave product and look for a formula with organic Aloe Vera and organic essential oils for a cooling effect that will protect the sensitive skin. Skin is generally more sensitive after a shave and can feel itchy and irritated. A right aftershave product will reduce the redness and improve skin elasticity and firmness.

Another wonderful gift can be a luxurious shaving cream. This present will not go unnoticed as it will be frequently used, depending on the grooming routine. Choosing a rich textured shaving cream will soften the facial hairs for a close shave and avoid redness or irritation.

We recommend a product made from organic oils and butter, which produces a protective barrier over the skin and helps to protect your skin from razor burns, nicks and ingrown hairs.

If you want to treat him, choose a set or create one by selecting complementary products and accessories. Include a rich and creamy formula for the shaving cream, a good quality razor and a cooling effect aftershave to protect the sensitive skin. If you purchase a ready-made set, the products complement each other and work better to achieve the desired results.


As work has moved at home in the past months and we all need some inspiration to keep motivated when working from home, stationery is a great gift. Improve the working life with some items that are good for the environment as well, such as recycled pencils, recycled leather notebooks and certified sustainable paper pads.

Recycled Leather Notebook

Combine the desire for stylish stationery with the efforts to protect the planet this Christmas season. One of the most appreciated products is the recycled leather notebook, for all your notes and scribbles. The soft leather cover with an elastic band accessory will keep the notebook securely closed.

Recycled Leather Pocket Journal

For men that take notes on the go, you can choose a recycled leather pocket journal, with flexible covers and dimensions to fit the jacket pockets. A small sized journal is perfect for the man who travels and gets inspired when outdoors. You can select the colour of the pocket journal to match the recycled leather notebook, which is in a larger format.

Plain Notebooks

If leather is not his style, then we recommend our range of stylish and sustainable notebooks made with 100% recycled covers. You can choose between green, black and brown detailing on the covers.

To allow for maximum creative expression, you can choose between lined, dotted or plain pages. To complete a gift set, you can add some chic recycled pencils in complementary colours to the journals and notebooks.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a merry Christmas! If you are looking for inspiration to rethink this year’s presents for the women in your life, then read our Christmas Guide: Gifts for Women. Join us on Instagram and check the #ChristmasGuide for more gift ideas this festive season!

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