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Teodora Cozma
On Mar 3rd, 2021
Gents Ties
Episode 3

The foundation of choosing a spring/summer tie, from the fabric and construction to colours and prints. Build a tie collection that will last for years and carry you through the warm seasons.


The warm seasons are not only for shorts and t-shirts. There are business meetings, office days and events that require formal attire. When choosing your ties for the spring/summer season, there are some essential elements to check, such as the fabric composition, the weight of the fabric, and the design's colours.

In the first article of the Gentlemen's Ties mini-series, we have already established how important ties are as a piece of a modern gentleman's attire. Further, we look at how to set the foundation for a seasonal wardrobe and select appropriate ties for the warmer or colder months. We explore below some of the most important aspects of a spring/summer tie for the warmer months: the fabric's breathability and seasonal colours and patterns.

Spring/Summer Fabrics: Linen, Cotton or Silk

We prefer more breathable fabrics for the warmer months that will allow the airflow to cool us down and avoid overheating — especially when wearing formal wear, which requires layering up. When choosing your tie for the spring/summer season, look for fabrics such as linen, cotton, or a mix of them for day wear and select cotton, silk, or a blend for the evening attires.

Besides the fabric, it is important to identify if your tie has padding or not. The padding is the interlining fabric inserted in the shell of the tie to give it body and rigidity. The interlining is often made of brushed wool to provide the tie with a fuller shape. A good quality tie should maintain its three-dimensional quality and not rest flat.

For the spring and summer months, look for ties that are not padded or lightly padded. Even though padding makes the ties stiffer and less bendable, it will not allow the air to pass through. Padded ties are perfect for the colder months.

A seven-way folded tie is a tie constructed through the folding of a single piece of fabric seven times and does not have interlining added. The seven-way folding technique offers the tie the required thickness to maintain its shape, and you can construct a larger looking tie knot with it. This type of tie is more expensive and regarded as luxury because of the amount of fabric used.

Spring/Summer Patterns

You can enjoy some bold floral patterns in the warmer months and move away from the deeper shades you have been wearing in the winter season. Blooming flowers printed on a light background cotton tie is the perfect accessory for spring and summer.

Animal printed ties with repeating motifs such as birds, fish, or exotic animals such as giraffes are perfect for the warmer month. They are fun and convey a relaxed atmosphere.

For business settings, you can opt for a striped tie for a smart and classic look. In summer you can choose wider stripes in white and navy blue to flatter your suit. Another good contender is a tie with a light colour background and a burgundy red, teal, or orange pattern. Think geometrical shapes for a business environment.

For events during the daytime, cotton or linen printed ties are your best choice to pair with summer shirts and lightweight blazers that allow the air to cool you down. If the event is formal, then choose the background colour of your tie in a muted shade.

For evening events, choose patterns printed on bold colours such as red or purple while paying attention to have a lightweight and breathable fabric such as cotton, linen, or silk blend. Try a pastel paisley print for summertime formal wear, like a wedding. The key is to select a bright pastel to complete the look.

Spring/Summer Colours

If patterns are not your preferred choice, opt for bright solid colours in spring and summer to make your outfit stand out. Express your personality and unique style. Besides bright colours, pastels make a comeback every year with shades of lilac, light green, blue and pink.

For formal events or work, you can lighten up a navy-blue suit with a light pastel tie to bring a hint of casualness associated with summertime. For casual summer events, choose a fabric suit in a light colour and pair it with a pastel tie for a relaxed vibe or choose the tie in a slightly brighter and darker colour than the suit to create a contrast in your outfit.

Remember to take your time when choosing a tie, as it is more than just an element of your attire; it shows your personality and style. In the previous episode of the Gentlemen's Ties mini-series, we explore the top tips when selecting your Autumn/Winter ties. For the spring/summer months or warmer climates, choose ties that allow the air to flow and aid you to maintain cool by wearing open weave fabric ties such as linen, cotton or silk.

Always choose pieces that integrate well in your wardrobe, and make sure you have ties in primary colours that would elevate any outfit. Follow #DHGentsTies on social media for spring/summer ties and ideas on how to wear them!


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