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Home-Made Vegetables Crisps Recipe

Teodora Cozma
On Mar 2nd, 2021

Healthy snacking is about keeping the hunger at bay and replacing any junk snacks with better alternatives. This home-made recipe for crisps is delicious, and you can have a snack in less than 30 minutes.

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The Healthy Snacking mini-series' final episode brings you another easy recipe to keep your junk food cravings at bay.

What Do You Need:

  • 2 medium-sized potatoes

  • 2 medium-sized sweet potatoes

  • 2 raw beetroots

  • spices

  • salt

Serving recommendations: I like to throw in the vegetable mix some kale leaves. Kale will make the crisp bowl super colourful and will balance the taste of the veggies.  

Make sure to add your spices and salt immediately after taking the crisps out of the oven so the seasoning can stick to the veggies.

How to Make Veggie Crisps?

Step 1: Take a few minutes and wash your veggies properly to remove all the dirt. Once cleaned, place them on a towel and pat dry.

Step 2: Slice the potatoes and beetroots as fine as possible using a mandolin slicer or a peeler. Place the potatoes slices in cold water with salt.

Step 3: Put a pan on the hob with some water to boil and boil your veggie slices separately. If you mix your veggies when you boil them, the beetroot's colour will transfer and stain your potatoes slices.

Step 4: Remove the veggie slices from the boiling pan after 4 minutes and pat them dry before placing the slices flat on a tray. Ensure the slices are set in 1 layer and introduce them in the preheated oven to cook until golden brown. It would take about 12-15 minutes at 180 degrees. If you want to use kale, just add it directly to the oven without boiling it.

Step 5: Take the slices out of the oven and place them in a bowl. Now you can add a few spices, salt and pepper to give some extra flavour to your crisps.

What Are the Benefits of Having Veggie Crisps?

The main benefit of having your home-made crisps is that you can control what ingredients you are using and limit the caloric intake. Also, you can choose your favourite spices and use them to flavour the crisps.

Another great advantage is that you can enjoy the crisps hot from the oven. After the crisps cool completely, you can store them in an airtight container for 1-2 days in a dry and cool place.

You can use any root and leaf vegetables you have at home to make the crisps. Most of the veggies do not require boiling before placing them into the oven. However, I prefer to boil the potatoes for a few minutes to make sure they are cooked thoroughly.

You can always serve the veggie crisps and some of the tasty Omelette Muffins for breakfast or brunch.

How Many Calories Are in the Veggie Crisps?

Here is an estimation of the caloric intake if you make the Veggie Crisps as per our instructions. The quantities used in this recipe are enough for 4 portions of veggie crisps. The calories below are an estimation and can vary based on your ingredients and quantities.

  • 2 medium sized potatoes ≈ 200 calories

  • 2 medium sized sweet potatoes ≈ 180 calories

  • 2 raw beetroots ≈ 88 calories

Total calories ≈ 468 (4 portions)

If you fancy a sweet snack, check out the Energy Balls recipe or the Hearty Pancakes recipes we have in the Healthy Snacking mini-series. Prepare your nibbles during the weekend to make sure you eat healthy during the busy working days. And share your creations on social media with #DHHealthySnacking.

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