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Join the Monday Smoothie Challenge

Teodora Cozma
On Aug 31st, 2020

Welcome to our mini-series about healthy smoothie recipes. We will release a new recipe every Monday for the next four weeks. Learn about the benefits of starting your week with a healthy smoothie and different ways to prepare it. Join the #MondaySmoothie challenge!

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What Is the Idea Behind the Monday Smoothie Mini-series?

The Monday Smoothie mini-series is created to inspire and get you excited to leave the bed in the morning and have breakfast. Following and preparing our healthy smoothie recipes each Monday will help you start the week pumped and full of energy. At the same time, you will be kick-starting the healthy habits of the week by fuelling your body with a meal packed with nutrients and vitamins. Instead of hitting the snooze button on your alarm, join in to discover a new smoothie recipe every Monday morning.

As we live our busy lives, we always wonder how we can make the most of our days and our time. The answer is a complex one, but it begins with having a healthy and nutritional diet. Feeding our bodies with meals full of vitamins will help us stay alert throughout the day and be more productive.

We are challenging you to start incorporating small changes into your life and have a balanced diet through our smoothie recipes. The minor adjustments usually will be the ones to get the ball rolling and create a snowball effect that will help you incorporate even more healthy habits along the way.

Our Monday Smoothie recipes contain the list of ingredients you will need to prepare your smoothie and step-by-step cooking instructions. Just copy the ingredients list and add it to your grocery basket.

Because we believe it is essential to understand what you eat, our recipes contain a section about the nutritional information and the benefits your body will gain from the contained ingredients in the smoothie. The articles will also provide you with an estimation of the caloric intake for the ingredients used.

Start your Mondays with a healthy smoothie to fuel your energy levels and fill your body with nutrients. At the beginning of the week, we get a clean slate to pick up new and healthy habits.

Why Start the Smoothie Challenge on Mondays?

At least once in our lives, we all have said these famous words: “I will start it on Monday”! Regardless of what we were referring at that time, we think it is essential to start your week with a nutritional breakfast and start a healthy eating habit on Monday!

Fuelling your body with nutrients early in the morning will prepare the mind and body for the day. The smoothies we are proposing are packed with vitamins and will refill your energy levels. We have carefully selected the ingredients in the Monday Smoothie recipes to be both delicious and nutritional.

Spoiler alert! We have incorporated a chocolate recipe (with cocoa powder) to kill your sweet cravings. So, keep an eye out on the coming Monday for the first smoothie recipe!

What Are the Benefits of Joining Monday Smoothie Challenge?

Get inspired and motivated every Monday morning with a new and delicious recipe. The smoothie will get you excited about the day, get your mind in the right place as you will prepare your breakfast and feed your body with a meal rich in nutrients.

Be part of our community and share your smoothies with the hashtag #MondaySmoothie.

Our first recipe is the Deluxe Antioxidants Smoothie! If you find yourself lacking inspiration for your breakfast, then follow along with the Monday Smoothie challenge and discover new delicious recipes.

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