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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Teodora Cozma
On Feb 11th, 2021

Celebrate this Mother's Day with a thoughtful gift and a nice meal at home. Our 3 gift recommendations will brighten up her day and won't break your budget.

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In the UK, Mother's Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday during Lent and varies each year based on the lunar calendar's Easter calculation. Originally, Mothering day wasn't about celebrating mothers, but it was about Christians visiting the Mother Church in the weeks coming up to Easter.

Nowadays, the celebration has a secular and commercial nature. Across the globe, different countries celebrate Mother's Day from February to December.

The celebration has evolved into a more commercial version where the custom is to give presents, flowers and your undivided attention to your maternal figure. As the traditions have changed, we share three of the top recommendations for Mother's Day gifts.

Mother's Loving Hands

For the hands that have raised you, the ones that picked you up when you fell and wiped your tears, it is time to gift something like the Green Angel's Precious Oil Collection hand creams with neroli, ylang-ylang and jasmine. The set comes already in a gift box with delicate flowers printed on top.

The blend between hand-harvested organic seaweeds and organic essential oils taken from thousands of blossoms help hydrate and repair tired hands. The neroli hand cream in the Precious Oil Collection gift set is an intensive product designed to strengthen the nails and condition the cuticles.

Pair the Precious Oil Collection hand creams with the luxurious Green Angel's Sunset Heaven scrub. The polisher is perfect for exfoliating the hands and obtaining an impeccable manicure with the least effort. The essential oils such as pure organic lavender, marjoram and juniper promote a real sense of unwinding and tranquillity.

Mother's Special Memories

Frame some of the best memories or take some time and make a photo album for this year's Mother's Day. If you still live with your parents, you can create an album with the best memories from the year in lockdown and write some of the best stories on the side of the album.

If you don't live close to your parents, then in 2020, you have probably seen less of them than in the previous years. It will be a thoughtful present, and your mother will appreciate receiving an album with some of the sweetest memories of the two of you made throughout the years.

Mother's Smiling Face

This Mother's Day, choose a gift to take care of your mother's smiling face. Choose the Green Angel's Collagen face cream, which helps fight the ageing process. We would all like to keep our mothers looking young forever.

Choose the Green Angel's Day & Night gift set, which contains a day cream with botanical collagen and four types of hand-harvested organic Irish seaweed which provides vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The night cream with six essential oils formula helps maximise the skins natural repair system and help rejuvenate the skin throughout the night. 

The luxurious Green Angel's night cream will help deeply nourish the skin while you sleep, hydrate, improve skin elasticity, and target fine lines. When you sleep at night, your natural repair system gets to work, and the skin absorbs ingredients better than during the days.

Find time to spoil your mother on this celebration day with a lovely meal. Order from her favourite restaurant and send the meal to her house as a surprise. If you can meet up, then cook her one of her favourite recipes. Check out this healthy and easy recipe for Hearty Pancakes, which will make a great breakfast addition! A lovely meal and a thoughtful gift will lift her spirit and make the day special. Happy Mother's Day!

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