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Benefits of Running on Your Own

Teodora Cozma
On Sep 3rd, 2020

Explore the benefits of running on your own while respecting social distancing during these challenging times. Embrace solo running while focusing on new aspects of your exercise routine.

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This article is the first episode of the Solo Running mini-series.

In these times of social distancing, it is essential to reconsider your workout routines and adjust them. There are advantages to start running on your own such as being more focused on your performance and progress and being able to listen to your body and pace yourself like a pro. All the while you will be getting some headspace or listening to some mood-elevating tunes.

Running on your own can help you focus more on your progress and journey.

Running Solo Benefits


Some of the advantages of running solo are that you are your competition. Start slowly and run as much as you can to set your initial benchmark by listening to your body. Without a running partner that will make you feel competitive, you can focus on the tension in your muscles and breathing.

Use a device to monitor your first run and then the subsequent sessions. Monitoring will help you keep track of your progress. Focusing on your performance has a transformative effect on the way you perceive the exercise experience, as you would like to see small improvements every time you go for a run.


Another advantage is that if you do not usually find time to meditate or be at peace with your thoughts, the run is fantastic to allow your brain to filter some ideas. Running without any music sets you up for the day and can have a therapeutic effect to process thoughts in the tranquil surroundings. The run will be about more than just exercising, and will become about getting a little headspace and become mentally and physically stronger.

Elevating Your Mood

If you don't feel like running alone with your thoughts, you can try a podcast or music which will motivate you to enjoy the solo run. Choose your playlists to give you a boost of energy and to keep your spirit up during the training. Listening to podcasts can help you catch up with the news or get you in an excellent mood with the new DJ sets.

Confidence and Focus

Running on your own can help you focus on your progress and journey. As you will be comparing and working to improve your statistics, you will become more confident in your strength and determination for achieving growth. Building up your confidence can have a tremendous impact on your running experience. As your brain is buzzing with endorphins while running, your mood and confidence in your strength will be elevated.


Enjoy the freedom of running on your own. Without a partner, you are in total control of the speed and trail you choose. It is impossible to be in complete sync with someone else for every run. Therefore, enjoy your freedom when you run solo. You will be selecting the pace you feel comfortable, the trail you wish to run and the hour to get out for your training! Freedom is one of the best incentives to run solo.

Discover the pleasures of solo running and enjoy the freedom and inner peace through your workout.

How to Keep Yourself Accountable During Solo Runs?

If running with a partner was useful to keep you motivated and accountable to your training, now you can consider social media or a virtual partner.

Studies show that people who post their runs on social media were faster runners than the ones who didn't, suggesting a strong connection between performance and social media.

To keep yourself accountable link your running app with friends so you can encourage each other or post on your media channels your activity. You will feel motivated to push yourself and share your achievements with your friends.

Reward yourself with an easy to make Post-Workout Recovery Smoothie after the run and recharge your energy levels! Do you need some morning motivation to get you moving? Do you want to be energetic and start your day as soon as you wake up? Read our second episode of the Solo Running mini-series, where we explore practical tips to keep you motivated to run in the mornings. Use #DHSoloRunning and share your progress on social media!

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