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Morning Motivation

Teodora Cozma
On Oct 3rd, 2020
Solo Running

Do you feel you lack the motivation to start your workouts in the mornings? Do you want to be energetic and get moving as soon as you wake up? This second episode from our Solo Running mini-series is all about tricks for you to begin your day with a workout.


Welcome to the second episode of the Solo Running mini-series. You can check out our previous episode about the benefits of creating a running routine.

This mini-series is focusing on your mental and physical performance while setting up your exercising routine. Although you might have been a person who loved going to the gym, engaging in class-based workouts such as cycling or Zumba, or you used to run with a group, now the times have changed, and you will find liberating going for a solo run.

When you are starting to run on your own, you might require some extra motivation, especially if you are interested in creating a morning routine. If you are not convinced about working out in the mornings, we are happy to give some of the reasons why you should consider it.

There are a few clear benefits of exercising at sunrise, from energising the mind and body, to helping your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day.


Exercising in the morning gives you mental and physical stimulation and increases your alertness.

After running in the mornings, your body is full of endorphins and adrenaline, also known as runner’s high and can last for the next few hours. The sudden pleasant feeling of euphoria, anxiolysis, sedation, and analgesia can lead to increase productivity during the working day as runners exhibit less anxious behaviour after the exercise.

Scientists Johannes Fuss, Jörg Steinle, Laura Bindila, Matthias K. Auer, Hartmut Kirchherr, Beat Lutz, and Peter Gass have published a research article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the official journal of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) showing evidence that long-term running reduces anxiety levels in the test subjects.

Practising mindfulness has been proven to boost energy levels and brain function. Focusing your mind on your body and its movements improves performance.


Even if you are not the type of person to meditate or you just simply don’t have the time to do it, running in the morning can allow for your thoughts and ideas to be processed.

Finding time in the mornings to exercise is an investment in both your mental and physical health. Allowing yourself to unwind and deal with your thoughts early in the day can elevate your sense of self-worth and achievement.


Feeling accomplished and prioritising your wellbeing in the morning does wonders for your self-esteem and fitness goals. Exercising will help you manage the stress of the busy city life, and no matter how hectic your day is, you will look back at the peaceful moments during your morning run.

After a run, your body will use the nutrients from your breakfast to restore itself. Your body will not store your meal but rather use it to heal and repair. Also, exercising in the mornings will jumpstart your metabolism and can help you burn more calories throughout your day.

Now that you are ready to start running in the mornings, here are a few tips to keep your motivation level up. Do not allow yourself to talk you out of exercising. The brain is devious and will find 100 reasons why to skip the workout. 


Pick your running outfit in the evening and lay it out, so there is no possible excuse in the morning to avoid the workout. Make sure to prepare socks and shoes as well and any other accessories you will need. The longer the getting ready process is, the more chances for you to skip the workout.


Charge the batteries of your phone, headphones or smartwatch in the evening. Also, download or update your playlist or podcast to streamline your morning getting ready process.

Again, the goal here is not to allow the brain to start reasoning a way out of the exercise. Having some good tunes during your run will help elevate your mood, and you will look forward to being immersed in the latest playlists.


In the evenings, check a healthy recipe for breakfast and make sure you have all the ingredients in the fridge. Prepare the meal the night before if you can, or make sure all your ingredients are ready for you to use after the morning run.

We recommend you check out our healthy smoothie recipes as they are easy to make and delicious. We have a special post-workout smoothie recipe that will help your muscles recover after your run and will restore your energy levels. A smoothie is easy to take away during your commute if time is short in the mornings.

Exercising will make you feel hungry; therefore, make sure you don’t skip breakfast.

We hope that you have enjoyed these 3 tips on how to keep up your motivation for running in the mornings. We look forward to having you next week for a fresh episode of the Solo Running mini-series about the right way to stretch to avoid injuries before starting your morning run. Remember to use #DHSoloRunning and share your progress on social media!


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