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Top 2021 Beauty Trends Predictions for Women

Teodora Cozma
On Jan 7th, 2021

Top predictions for beauty trends that will have an impact on the skincare routines in 2021. We predict these trends are here to stay and influence women’s spending habits!

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As we write down our New Year’s resolutions and plan budgets for 2021, a good skincare routine is among the most frequent goals. It is time to look forward at what we think will be the most exciting trends to watch in 2021 and what to add to your shopping list.

Salons have closed in 2020 and it looks like repeated rounds of lockdown might be happening throughout 2021 as well. During these past months, women had to become their own specialists and learn more about what products to purchase to achieve the desired results at home. In 2021, we predict a rise in natural products, minimalist skincare routines and gadgets to help achieve salon results at home.

Lashes and Brows

Lash extensions and brow pigmentation have become the new must as masks cover our faces. The accent to emphasise one’s eyes is our playground, and we can see women investing in lash growth serums and lashes lengthening mascaras. Sculpting your brows to achieve strong arches adds dimension to the face and creates more structure and lift. The beauty industry is booming with products to help you achieve the desired look and is bringing attention to the top half of the face.

Bright Under-Eyes

Endless video calls and conferences meant an increase in the desire to achieve a bright and fresh appearance. In terms of skincare, a good eye cream has become one of the most sought products. Men and women are looking for products that would help with their dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

Cooling eye gels and miracle ingredients such as Aloe Vera are all the rage! The Green Angel Seaweed and Aloe Gel will help nourish, moisturise, soothe, calm and increase circulation, help reduce swelling and tighten the delicate, sensitive skin under the eyes. Keeping the thin skin under the eyes hydrated will minimise the appearance of fine lines in the future.

Maskne and Stress Breakouts

2020 was a stressful year as we had to completely change our routines and lifestyle while pretty much everything around us has transformed. Wearing a mask daily implies trapped bacteria and debris and blocked pores. Also, wearing the mask for more extended periods creates a breeding ground for acne and therefore, breakouts will be more frequent. Having a thorough cleansing routine with a lotion-based cleanser is very important to combat your skin's stress. As masks are here to stay in 2021, we predict that skincare focused on cleansing and fighting maskne will be a trend to watch.

Spa at Home

Those who can afford it, have started to invest in saunas, experience showers or steam rooms to compensate for the changes in 2020. For those looking for wellness fixes and treats to change their bathing rituals at home, without breaking the bank, there are luxurious body scrubs, body oils, moisturising body lotions and bath salts. We think a big trend in 2021 is self-care as most of us will be looking to feel better, healthier and more satisfied with their body and appearance while at home.

Sophisticated Hygiene

As hand washing became a significant part of our lives, brilliant hygiene-focused brands have seen a major boom throughout the challenges that we (still) face. And rightly so! Frequent antibacterial gel applications affects the skin on our hands on a daily basis. Focusing on a moisturising hand cream will help combat the harmful effects of the substances we apply to keep ourselves safe.

Elevated hygiene in the virus's context has meant using more soap and disinfectant than one could have imagined. Every time one enters in a shop, or public space, the hand sanitising station is awaiting. As a beauty trend in 2021, we expect sophisticated hygiene, as where there is a necessity there soon will be luxury.


According to Pinterest's 2021 trend forecast, Skinimalism is the new glow up. Minimalist skincare is here to stay as women want potent formulas and simple routines to achieve a glowing skin. Despite having more time at home, 15 steps routines are a thing of the past.

Women have started to be interested in minimalist skincare routines that include potent products and fewer application steps. Consistency in following the beauty routines in 2020, resulted in streamlining routines and focusing on the essential steps: cleansing, moisturising and protecting their skin.


We are ready for one of the most exciting trends in 2021: revolutionary gadgets to achieve salon results at home. From microcurrents rollers, to hair laser machines, the beauty industry is ready for new at-home devices to treat skin and hair. As 2020 pushed people to embrace technology, it seems that in 2021 we will see many gadget releases to experiment and enjoy treatments at home. We predict new gadgets to help penetrate products into the skin and upgrade cleansing routines.

We look forward to trying the best products coming out of these 2021 trends. If you want to try a simple trend this year, read our Skinimalism mini-series to discover the minimalist routine's three essential steps. Use #beautytrends2021 and join the conversation on social media as we will closely monitor the coolest trends this year!

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