About Us

Dorian House gathers under the same digital roof the most talented independent designers and makers in Europe. The perfect blend of design, craftsmanship and quality.

Our Story

Dorian House was founded in London in 2018 as a direct response to the growing quality-price market gap created by fast-fashion retailers and luxury houses.

Total control of the production chain, an oversupply of seasonal goods, aggressive marketing techniques and the pursuit of exponential growth at any cost have created an unsustainable business model in the fashion industry.

The consumer is pushed around by the continuous illusion of sales and unmissable new fashion trends.

The hard truth is, most of the times, you are excessively overpaying for what you are getting. The delicate balance between quality and price is simply not respected.

At Dorian House, we don't want to force anyone to choose between good quality or a good price. We want to offer both.

How can we achieve such an ambitious goal? By going back to the roots, by going independent.

I want to show the world there is a better alternative to fast-fashion retailers and luxury houses. It is to go the independent way.

Enrique Extremera - Dorian House Founder

Our Mission

Our main goal is to be the primary online stop when looking for original high-quality products with a budget in mind.

We push ourselves always to offer the right balance between quality, design and price while promoting independent European business owners.

We travel Europe far and wide to bring you the finest independent designers and makers from each town so that you can access an untapped network of new brands and products.

We want to bring independent businesses to the frontline, make them accessible and tell their stories. We want to show customers the knowledge, dedication and time that goes into creating each product.

Personal style is about slowly but consistently building up a wardrobe you feel proud of, which reflects your unique personality and empowers you.

Teodora Cozma - Dorian House Editor-in-Chief

Our Values

We are minimalist by nature. We believe in quality over quantity.

We focus on what matters the most: the quality, design and manufacturing of the product.

Time and research go into choosing each independent brand featured in our online store. We look for partners who follow responsible and sustainable practices and prioritise the end product and customer well-being above mere profits.

We are proud of every product that leaves the shelf, as we know we are selling you the best Europe can offer.

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