Spring Summer Trends: 2021 Accessories for Women

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Teodora Cozma
On Mar 10th, 2021
S/S Trends

Comfortable and functional are the keywords in the spring-summer trend report for 2021. We look at some exciting trend proposals from designers in the fashion world, from chunky chains to statement hair accessories.


Spring Summer Trends is our mini-series about some of the features, items, colours, and materials we observe on the runways and translate into what we wear. In this first episode, we look at the world of accessories for women and how to easily upgrade any look in 2021. Influenced by the events of 2020, successive lockdowns and working from home, designers have focused on updating their accessories collections to reflect the necessities of the new world we live in and adapt to the realities we face.

Chunky Chains

We see a return of the chunky chain supremacy in fashion accessories for the following seasons. The 90s fashion trend seems to stay with us for at least another year. For the accessories collections of spring-summer 2021, the chains are mainly in golden or silver tones and can be integrated into a multitude of pieces: from necklaces and earrings to bags and shoes.

Some designers added chunky chains to classical pieces for an industrial feeling, while others prefer the chains to be slimmer but attention-grabbing. In the spring-summer footwear collections, we have noticed how different designers replace the straps of shoes with chains to make the shoe stand out.

The LESS you can afford for your frocks, the MORE care you must take with your accessories.

Christian Dior

Double Belts

As women's spring-summer 2021 clothing collections have focused on comfortable and looser garments, flowing freely and allowing for movement, the belts have come back as a way to structure an outfit quickly. For the past fashion seasons, the wide belts have ruled, and we have seen how easily an outfit can be elevated with a wide belt.

For this spring-summer season, we see more and more designs focused on multiple belts stitched together or belts that can be wrapped around the waist multiple times to create that elevated illusion of a wide belt. The trend has caught on fast from the runways to the high street, and now floaty dresses are cinched-in with multiple belts, creating an hourglass silhouette. Different designers have proposed belts in different sizes worn together, with closures facing opposite ways, or even different materials and sizes, such as a chain and a leather belt put together.

Hairpins and Hair Jewellery

In 2020 we had mainly worked from home and connected with the office via video calls. Hence accessorising our hair has become the only indulgence that could be justified in terms of cost-per-wear. From headbands to hairpins, the designers have pushed for even more hair accessories for 2021.

Using hair accessories has become a way to elevate your look and polish your appearance, no matter if you are wearing a shirt with sweatpants and slippers. With this spring-summer trend, one can get easily carried away, as the more accessories we add to the look, the worse it gets.

When choosing accessories for your hair, my top tip is to style your hair first and then select 1-2 items to highlight your style. If you opt for a ponytail style, choose the main accessory to cover the basic hair tie and opt for smaller and less visible pins to tame the flyaway hairs. If you decide to wear your hair loose, select 2 statement pins to place them just above the ears to keep the hair from getting in your face.

Raffia Mania

Raffia mania returns in spring-summer 2021, and we can enjoy bags, shoes and belts made of straws from most fashion retailers. Don't imagine for a second that only natural beige raffia is trending. Many coloured raffia versions have been appearing - from black and white to vividly coloured straws!

Some of my favourite accessories from the spring-summer 2021 campaigns have been baby pink raffia high heeled sandals and reinterpretations of classic bag designs in natural straw colour and leather. This season we also notice a comeback of the effortlessly chic bags that look more like straw baskets to compliment the more casual approach to clothing and floaty silhouettes.

Likewise, there is no summer season without straw hats. For 2021 you can choose to embrace different styles and fabrics when protecting from the sun rays. From bucket hats to straw hats, this season will be seeing everyone wearing a hat. Check out The Modern Guide for Straw Hats with valuable tips on choosing a hat for the best fit and how to care for your hats long term.


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