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Top 2021 Hair Trends for Women

Teodora Cozma
On Jan 8th, 2021

The top women's hair trends for 2021 are bold, empowering and liberating. If you need inspiration for your next haircut and colour, look no further as we have broken down the main styles of 2021.

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Are you looking for hair inspiration for the year ahead? Look no further as we have done all the leg work for you and explored the most exciting trends for 2021.

Top Hair Colour Trends in 2021

With salons being closed throughout 2020 and subsequent lockdowns following in 2021, the dream of maintaining perfect highlights are a thing of the past. When it comes to colour, 2021 will be the year we return to colours matching and blending with the natural hair. The main feature of the 2021 trends is a low maintenance hair colour.

Cinnamon Hair Tones

Inspired by the main character in the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit”, women desire to colour their hair in red and cinnamon tones. Burnt copper is a stunning and rich colour and conveys something striking and bold about your choice. Hairstylists recommend using these tones to create dimension and not to applied over the entire hair. Cinnamon tones in your hair need special attention to maintain their vibrancy. Therefore, make sure you purchase a specialised shampoo for coloured hair and apply a hair mask once a week.

Sunset Inspired Highlights

Twilighting is the most recent technique making waves on the hair colouring scene. It is a combination of baby lights and ombre lights to create a subtle way to introduce a highlighted colour and dimension to the natural hair.

The technique is taking inspiration from the golden hues visible in the sky at sunset. Celebrities such as Miranda Kerr are sporting this style that goes beautifully with a variety of haircuts and lengths. Twilighting is a low maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t require frequent trips to the salons for touch-ups.

Undyed Grey Hair

Natural grey hair will be all over in 2021, as one of the most empowering trend movements. Women across the globe have been embracing their natural grey hair and chose to be proud of it. 2020 has seen a decrease in shopping for hair dyes and big supermarkets in the UK have collectively dropped more than 350 cosmetic products, with 70 hair colour products being pulled. If you decide in 2021 to follow this trend, it will help you save money and free your timetable.  

When in doubt, choose a hair colour and style that matches your personality and current lifestyle.

Top Haircut Trends in 2021

If you have grown out your hair in 2020, voluntarily or not, long hair is a trend that will be strong this year as well. Some women find it challenging to maintain short hair and trips to the hairdressers have become cumbersome as lockdowns keep repeating. However, just as popular as growing your hair out, in 2021, we see a strong preference for cutting all off and get a fresh style to say goodbye to 2020.

The Bardot Fringe

In 2021 we see a return to the Bardot fringe, and textured layers as visits to salons are scarce. Choose something wearable, which will not overwhelm the face, slightly textured, wispy and flowing. Aim to have it no longer than your cheekbone. Compliment the fringe with some long face-framing layers curled back into a wavy texture.

Soft and flirty curtain fringes go with different lengths of hair, giving some interest to the face. The perfect option that doesn’t require bi-weekly trips to the salons. Curtain fringes are not high maintenance, and even as they grow out, they still look good framing your face.

The Shag 

Loose layers that are flowing naturally are back and are here to stay in 2021. The shag is a sexy haircut based on adding long layers. This hairstyle is a favourite as it allows the hair to keep its bounciness and you will not be required to over-style in the mornings. The favourite feature of most women is there is no heat needed to maintain this style. The shag is a haircut perfect for washing and going!

This haircut suits best natural hair that is wavy or curly. Celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Mica Arganaraz and Taylor Swift are successfully turning heads with their shag haircuts. The shag brings face-framing layers and volume at the top.

The Pixie Cut

For the brave ones who are ready to have a significant hair change in 2021, the pixie cut is another top trend. This year, bold and voluminous pixie cuts are the way to go. Take your inspiration from some of our favourite celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz or Teyana Taylor. Before you head to your hairdresser, prepare a set of photos to show what you like in a pixie cut to avoid disappointment.

The Collarbone Cut

The collarbone cut or lob is a strong trend in 2021. You can play with a blunt cut or lived-in feel. The lob is a take on the classic bob while keeping the length, bluntness and fullness. As the collarbone cut is low maintenance and easy to style, we have seen it throughout 2020 and will continue to maintain its popularity through the year ahead.

We look forward to the year ahead and to see you flaunting some of these beautiful trends. Most of the trends for 2021 focus on enhancing one’s natural beauty while streamlining the maintenance and styling processes daily. Use the #DHHairTrends and show us your new and fresh hair look!

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